Joint Venture of BI & TAG CONSULTING LLC, now Twenty-Three Group LLC is to provide SaaS services model for infrastructure and application management for core banking applications. Our SaaS model allows businesses to avoid the upfront costs and ongoing maintenance associated with traditional software installations, and instead pay a predictable monthly or annual fee based on their usage of the software. Additionally, the Saas model allows for easy scalability, as customers can easily increase or decrease their usage of the software based on their needs, without having to worry about purchasing additional licenses or hardware. Overall, the SaaS service model is designed to provide businesses with a flexible, cost-effective, and convenient way to access the software applications they need to run their operations.

Infrastructure Services:

Microsoft Azure Deployment:

Designing and implementing a scalable, secure and cost-effective cloud architecture using Microsoft Azure services and best practices.

Seamless Integration and Scalability:

Leverage Azure's robust infrastructure and APIs to ensure seamless integration with existing banking systems, enabling easy scalability and adaptability to handle increased transaction volumes and customer base growth.

Enhanced Security and Compliance:

Utilize Azure's built-in security features and adherence to global regulatory standards, such as GDPR and PCI DSS, to provide a secure, stable, and compliant environment for core banking operations.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring:

Utilize Azure Monitor and other integrated monitoring tools to gain real-time insights into the performance, health, and usage of the core banking application, enabling proactive issue resolution and ensuring a reliable and efficient infrastructure.


Consulting Services:

We offer end-to-end Implementation services for Core Banking Applications, including requirements gathering, system design, testing, deployment, and training.

Risk Management:

We help financial institutions integrate their Core Banking Applications with other systems, such as payment gateways, customer relationship management systems, and accounting systems.

We assist financial institutions with upgrading their Core Banking Applications to newer versions and migrating to new platforms.

We provide consulting and advisory services to help financial institutions optimize their Core Banking Applications, improve their processes, and enhance their customer experience.