Business Process Management (BPM) is a process-centric approach for improving business performance that utilizes modeling, automation, control, measurement tools and the optimization of business activity flows.

It involves any combination of these elements, in support of enterprise goals, foundational systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries.

Identifying, defining and making a representation of the complete process to support communication about the process. There is no single standard way to model. We excel in:

  • Process Mapping
  • Process Standards
  • Capacity Analysis

Work done in advance to assure the smooth execution of the process instances. Often, this means writing or configuring software, but it can include other machinery or even creating signage for clarity. We excel in:

  • Workflow
  • Custom Apps

Mechanisms to ensure that the process follow the designed course. This can be strict control and enforcement or loose control in the form of guidelines, training and manual practices. We excel in:

  • Governance Process
  • PMO Implementation
  • Audit Programs
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Writing

The efforts to determine quantitatively and analyzing how well the process is working for serving the needs of customers. We excel in:

  • Data Collection Tools
  • Metric Assessments
  • Dashboard Design
  • Visualization

The ongoing activities that build over time to steadily improve the measure of the process. Improvement is relative to the goals of the organization and ultimately for meeting the needs of customers. We excel in:

  • Project Implementation
  • Organizational Design
As part of the BPM effort, we will deploy experienced resources each of the areas within scope. Our goal is to design clear, simple, standardize and harmonious processes throughout the organization. Our general project approach follows these steps: