TAG Solutions
TAG Solutions
TAG's operations revolve around helping businesses identify critical business challenges that the technology can best address. TAG comes with his partner, SafeXain, with a dedicated team of developers, strategist as well as engineers that work hand to hand with clients on the blockchain implementation and utilization front. As a blockchain consulting service provider, TAG seeks to help clients come up with the best blockchain strategies. Clients can leverage the blockchain solutions in areas of financial services as well as healthcare logistics among other industry sectors. ​
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One example of TAG's blockchain solution is a single integrated private communications platform that includes and integrates:
  • Digital Identity register of users.
  • Blockchain encrypted chat, voice, video communications.
  • Totally secure collaborative document management: editing, signing and storage.
  • Simultaneous chat and Doc editing.
  • Digital Notary with time stamp, tamper-proof.
  • Laptop and Smart Phone Apps enabled.
  • Nodes and data are exclusively owned by users.