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As an external banking system integrator, our company provides methodological guidance and delivery capacity to our financial institution clientele. Throughout the core banking system integration projects, we support the timely exploration and appropriate addressing of banking and IT interdependencies, as well as the successful execution of the complex task.

If required, our functional experts contribute to the efficient fulfillment of the tasks following the existing internal methodology, based on the approach desired by the client.

We are also open to contribute to the development, adaptation and implementation of the core banking system delivery methodology. Upon request, we can also execute the integration tasks of the entire core banking system, even within a fixed-price contractual agreement. In this case, the integration of the bank employees into the team executing the tasks is also possible. Based on our experience, this effectively supports bank employees to gain practical knowledge and helps with their professional development. This will also facilitate the successful in-house solution of less resource intensive maintenance tasks in the future.

Following the completion of our tasks related to the integration of core banking systems, typically it is not necessary to employ an external maintenance
team. In our opinion, after obtaining the results delivered, the organization should be able to perform its core banking system tasks independently, relying on internal resources and the acquired knowledge.

Accordingly, our experts usually work on a project basis and provide ongoing support with the Core Banking System only in case the client specifically requests such services.

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